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      Buying a foreclosure or short sale can sometimes offer a deal – but you must be patient and willing to work within the parameters of the seller.

     First of all let’s understand the definition of a "Foreclosure".  A foreclosure is a property that the bank has “taken back” from the owner.  In some instances the bank may sell the property “as is”.  This means they don’t know all the “issues” with the house, so repairs are likely necessary.  On some occasions you may find a home that the bank has repaired, but still incomplete information as to the true condition of the home.  Keep in mind all terms are decided by the bank. 

      Also, it is important to understand that all foreclosures (due to the property condition) may not be eligible for financing and will require a "cash" purchase option only. 

 Please call or email today for a FREE list of foreclosures in your area and for a FREE real estate consultation or information!!! 

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